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Aranyosszék – is an irregular quad territory, which is limited by the Aranyos river from north and east, and by the Maros river from south. Its name is from the Aranyos river, because the main part of the territory lays along the river. Corneşti – according to Orbán Balázs, is the biggest village of the westernmost part of the székely territory, and it is situated on the eastern side of the Transylvanian Western Mountains, along the Aranyos on the border of the Transylvanian Basin near the Torockó – mountains. 

The Kereki guesthouse – is in Corneşti, near the Iron bridge which crosses the Aranyos river. You can find here quietness, fresh mountain air, and a lot of trip possibilities. Visit us and enjoy the possibilities we can offer in summercam, silent days, in weekends, in holiday time, and also for business – meetings, conferences, talking occasions.